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The information contained within this website is primarily concerned with the German Armed Forces during the second world war.   

(Please read through this first page to become acquainted with our current project.)

As a reminder:  The sample translated documents that we have put up on the website have only gone through one round of editing.  These translated reports will go through at least two more thorough edits before they make it into the books.  

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Volume I has now been Published!!

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Wolchow Kessel Status (3/7/2017)
  Surprising new information on the 250. Spanish Division revealed in Volume I!!
Read how the Germans rated the Spanish Infantry Division, and discover how German officers really felt the Spanish Infantry Division performed in combat. All of this information is revealed in English for the first time.  If you are interested in the Eastern Front during WWII, or are a 250. Spanish Division aficionado, then the Battle of the Wolchow Kessel in Primary German Documents (Volume I) is for you!

Presented here for the first time in English are the German military reports relating to the Battle of the Wolchow Kessel in mid-1942.

From the rear cover of the book:


In January of 1942 the Soviets launched an offensive against the German 18. Army in the area of the Wolchow River.  Their goal was nothing short of the total destruction of the 18. Army.  The Soviets managed to drive a large wedge into the German lines, measuring some 75 km in depth.  The harsh terrain and stiffening German resistance eventually brought the offensive to a halt, well short of their intended goal.  By May of 1942 the Germans were ready to launch a counterattack to reduce the bulge in their lines. 

For the first time in English, the German actions during the battle of the Wolchow Kessel (as the battle to reduce the Soviet bulge in the German lines became known) are brought into the light by translating the original German reports.  The translated reports include the following:


XXXVIII. Armee Korps Orders

XXXVIII. Armee Korps Daily Reports to 18. Armee

XXXVIII. Armee Korps Kriegsgliederung

XXXVIII. Armee Korps War Diary

XXXVIII. Armee Korps Morning/Interim/Daily Reports


The book also includes an extensive German/English glossary and appendixes.  This is the first volume of a multi-volume work on the Battle of the Wolchow Kessel which aims to translate most of the German military reports during the battle.

Volume I: Hardcover

Volume I (Pg. 312-313)

Volume I (Pg. 268-269)

Volume I (6X9) with one of the 12X18 maps from the map set.

           Volume I with the Map Set (slipcased).
The layout of the reports in the book were kept as close to the layout of the original reports as possible, in order to keep to the feel of the original reports.  This wasn't always 100% possible, especially as the original reports frequently had huge gaps in between the text, and that we just could not see replicating, as it would be a waste of space.  We also left off some items from the original reports. For instance, on most of the reports, we left off the "distribution list", as we felt it was fairly immaterial to the reader/researcher.  We also left out most of the handwritten notes on the reports, as most of the handwriting was very difficult to decipher.  Needless to say, there was not much in the way of handwriting on the reports, so the reader/researcher is probably not missing much. That being said, if we could decipher the handwriting, we did include it in the report (and we have multiple examples of that in Volume I and Volume II).  As I stated in the introduction to Volume I, we made a decision to leave the various village spellings in the reports.  This was a decision on my part to try to keep the reports in their original tone, including the mistakes. That being said, I am open to changes going forward.  I am not against using the correct village spellings going forward, but that depends on Volume I feedback from WWII community, and the feedback from my proofreaders.  I would also like to add that I am always open to comments/suggestions/critique, as long as it is done in a professional mannor and is not done to demean or denigrate our work.  I am also open to offers of help/assistance with the future volumes.  If you can translate German to English, or would like to proofread any of the future volumes, let me know.  Although, I would like to add that I am running this on a very tight budget and I do not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend, so keep that in mind.  I hope you, the reader/researcher, enjoy the new book, and remember that this is only the first book of many that will open up this battle like never before.  God Bless and Enjoy!! 
Wolchow Kessel Operational Battle Maps:

This is a slipcased set of 54 12X18 Glossy (80 lb. paper) full color maps of the Battle of the Wolchow Kessel.  The maps cover the battle in detail from the operational/tactical perspective.  Scroll through this entire page for samples of the maps.  These maps will be all the maps you need to follow the battle during the first 4 volumes of the series.  

            Here are some pictures of the finished maps: 


Volume II:  708 pages completed to date.  This volume should be around 700-734 pages when completed.  This volume will contain the "misc" XXXVIII Korps reports, the General Vlasov interragation reports and possibly the start of the "Luftwaffe" recon reports.  This volume "should" be ready for proofreading within the next 3 months or so.  My hope is to have this volume at the Publisher by fall of 2017.   
Volume III:  350 pages completed to date.  This volume will finish up the Luftwaffe Recon Reports, a report prepared by the 250. Spanish Infantry Division and probably the start of the "Winter Report".  This volume should also be around 700-740 pages.  Once I finish editing Volume II (hopefully within the next 2-3 months), I will move onto Volume III and dedicate all my time to trying to get this volume finished up by the end of 2017.  My hope is to have Volume III at the Publisher by early 2018. 
Volume IV:  100 pages completed to date.  This volume will finish up the Winter Report, and then it will start the Ic Reports.  This volume will be around 700-740 pages when complete. 
Volume V:  500 pages completed to date.  This volume will finish up the Ic reports, and then it will move into the records of the divisions/brigades which were under the XXXVIII Korps at the time of the battle. 
Volume VI: XXXVIII Korps Divisional Records -- Not started
Volume VII:  XXXVIII Korps Divisional Records -- Not started
Volume VIII:  XXXVIII Korps Divisional Records -- Not started
Volume IX:  Not Started
Volume X:  Not Started
Volume XI:  Not Started
Volume XII:  Not Started

(5/26/2014)   Major regrouping of the Manuscripts.  I have tentatively decided to self publish this series.  This limits me to 800 pages per volume.  That dictates a regrouping of the material that we have so far.  This also means that the project will now be between 10-15 volumes overall.  See the status table above for a current listing of what is done in each volume. 
(2/11/2014)    It has been a while since we have done an update.  We are still moving along on the Wolchow project.  Things have slowed somewhat, as I have had to redirect my finances to take care of some remodeling expenses on the house.  That being said, we have not stopped the project.  We are still translating the Luftwaffe reports.  In fact, we are now translating 5 Luftwaffe reports every week.  We should have all of the Luftwaffe reports translated by the beginning of April.  We are also still tranlating the XXXVIII Daily Reports.  We are currently translating around 4 per week.  Our mapmaker is also busy on the project.  Tom has completed 34 maps to date.  Please scroll down this page to view some of his fine work.  Keep in mind that these maps will be giant fold out maps (14 X 18 format)

Overall, my goal is hit 900 pages (in Volume I) by early spring, and then 1000 pages by the middle of summer.   Hopefully by next Christmas we will be nearing 1200 pages.  We should be nearly finished with Volume I by early 2015.   We will then start working on Volume II.  Volume II should be a short volume.  I hope to have that volume all done within 1 1/2 years at most.

     Added a new picture of some recuperating 250. Inf. Div. soldiers from Feb. of 1942.  (See the full caption below the pictgure).




Formerly Schostar Agency

Wien 50

Graf Starhemberggasse 26

Tel. U 42-0-81 u. U 43-1-48


3864/e             The Foreign Organization of the NSDAP (“Party Agency concerned with the care and supervision of Germans abroad”) attends to Spanish wounded in Berlin.


            On February 26, 1942, in the Convalescence Home for the wounded of the Spanish Legion in Berlin, the Foreign Organization of the NSDAP arranged for a “colorful afternoon” (an afternoon of entertainment). Prior to that, in place of the Leader of the A.O, Gauleiter Bohle, Gauhauptstellenleiter Krüger presented the Spanish wounded gifts with best wishes for a speedy recovery. Our photo shows the presentation of the gifts to the wounded. From right, Major Morano, the bearer of the highest Spanish decoration, and Gauhauptstellenleiter Krüger.


Atlantic-Boesig, 27.2.42.        C/.


(6/28/2013)  Update on the Wolchow Kessel Project:

Volume I:  Quick update.  We are currently at 560 pages on volume I.  I have around 20-30 pages of reports yet to add to Volume I, so we will be close to 600 pages when I get them all in.

Volume II:  We are currently at 355 pages.  I have several more pages yet to add to Volume II.  I have given James H. the added job of working on the 2. SS Inf. Brigade reports.  This should help to get things rolling on Volume II.

Here is our first operational level map of the entire Wolchow Kessel.  The map was done by Tom Houlihan over at Maps At War
(http://www.mapsatwar.com/about.html).  The map shows the positions of all German units and the German Intelligence view of the Russian units on 5/22/1942.  This was the date when the Germans went over to the offensive and started collapsing the Kessel.

(5/12/2013)  Update on the Wolchow Kessel Project:

Volume I:  We are currently at 504 pages.  I have 15 Luftwaffe reports yet to add to Volume I.  We are well on our way to 600 pages.  My hope is that we can be at 600-700 pages by the end of the summer.  My goal is to then reach 700-800 pages by the end of the year.  These two goals should be easily reachable.  It is still looking like Volume I will end up around 1500+ pages.  I hope to be finished with Volume I within the next 2-3 years.  The reports we are working on for Volume I are the XXXVIII Korps Misc. Reports (lots of detailed reports prepared by the units within XXXVIII Korps), the Luftwaffe recon reports and the long (180+ pages) Winter Report prepared by the 58. Inf. Div for the XXXVIII Korps. 

Volume II:  We are currently at 344 pages, and I have two pages that still need to be edited and added to the document.  I am hoping to be around 400 pages on this volume by the end of the year.  It will probably take us around 3-4 years to finish Volume II.  We are currently translating the War Journal of the 2. SS Inf Brigade (Gruppe Burke) and the War Journal of the 285. Sec. Div.

Here is an excerpt from the 285. Sich. Div. War Journal:


T315-1879-0231  (Thanks to Matt Denn for this translation)

Keep checking back for future updates.  If anyone has any questions or comments about the project, please click on the Wolchow Kessel Feedback Page to the left. 


(4/7/2013) Added new book review to the Book Reviews 2013 page.

(3/29/2013) Added new book review to the Book Reviews 2013 page.

(3/10/2013) Below is our first map for the project.  This map is a recreation of the map from T315-997-0141.  This map was designed by Tom Houlihan from Maps At War (http://www.mapsatwar.com/).  Tom will be designing all of the maps for this project.  The map below is the first map he designed, and this map is just a small taste of what all of the maps will consist of.  The map below shows the positions of the 58. Inf. Div. on May 1, 1942.  The 58. Inf. Div. was the division on the northeastern sector of the XXXVIII Korps front, and saw the heaviest combat out of all of the divisions in the XXXVIII Korps during the battle.  Thanks to Tom for producing this fine map.

As a side note, I have split Volume I of the project, into two volumes.  Volume I now consist of only XXXVIII Korps documents.  We have 404 pages in this volume at the present time.  We continue to work on the XXXVIII reports.  We add around 5-10 pages per week.  Volume II now consists of the records of the divisions which were under the command of the XXXVIII Korps.  We have 315 pages in Volume II, and we are adding around 5 pages per week.


* All maps and images on this website are COPYRIGHT of Wehrmachtbericht.com and Brian Burmeister 

(2/17/2013)  Wolchow Kessel project update. We are up to 655 pages.  My goal is to be over 700 pages by the middle of March.  I thought I would start things off by showing a nice portrait picture of a young officer in the 58. Infantry Division. 


(Photo from the private collection of Brian Burmeister)

Here is what the group is currently working on:

*  We continue to work on translating the 1000's of pages of misc. XXXVIII Korps reports.  This is a large part of the project, and will not be finished for several years yet.

*  Work continues on translating the 285. Sec. Div. war Journal.

*  We have finished all work on the 250. Inf. Div. reports.  For the time frame of the battle (March to the first week of July 1942), we have all the typed reports (in German) translated. 

*  Work continues with the XXXVIII Korps Tagesmeldung reports.  We currently have about 18 days worth of Tagesmeldungs left to translate.  My hope is that we can get these finished within the next 2-4 weeks.  Here is a sample of one of the Tagesmeldungs:


 Translation courtesy of Armin Witfer

*   We have started work on the Luftwaffe reconaissance reports.  There are literraly 1000's of pages of these reports.  It seems each day has about 5-10 frames of reports.  I have not decided how many of these I will included in the books, but it will certainly run into the 100's of pages.  Here is an example:


Translation courtesy of James Hilgemann

*    Work continues on the 2. SS Inf. Brigade "Befehl" reports.  We have translated 15 pages of these, and we have 64 left to translate.  These are very good reports.  Lots of detailed information on the 2. SS Inf. Brigade. 

I would like to remind readers of this website, that if they have any questions/comments/suggestions, or even offers of help, you can click on the link on the left hand side of this page, and leave a message.  I will try to reply to the messages as soon as I can. 

(1/28/2013)  Posted new book review on Book Reviews 2013 page (first one of the new year).

(1/26/2013)  Update on the Wolchow Kessel project.  We are currently at 592 pages.  We should easily pass 600 pages this week.  My hope (and goal) is that we will hit 1000 pages of translated reports by the end of this year.  Here is what we are currently working on:

We are continuing to translate all of the misc. reports of the XXXVIII Korps.  We probably have around 900-1000 frames left to translate.  My hope is that we will have them all translated by early/mid 2014. 

We continue to work on the misc. reports of the 250. Inf. Div.  We have 12 of these frames left to translate.

We are also continuing to work on translating the XXXVIII Korps Tagesmeldung reports.  We probably have around 1/3 to 1/2 of these reports left to translate.  My hope is that we will be done with these within the next month or two.

We just started translating the Befehl reports for the 2. SS Inf. Brigade.  Here is a page as an example:


Thanks to John Winner for this translation.  For an idea of where this attack is taking place, see the 58. Inf. Div. maps on this page  http://wehrmachtbericht.com/page24.php .  Mal Samoschje is on the left hand side of the maps.   As a note to our friends over at http://memoriablau.foros.ws/, pay special attention to the mention of the attached Spanish Battalion.

(1/10/2013)  Quick update.  Our project continues unabated.  Gunther has finished the "10 page" report on the winter fighting as experienced by the 58. Inf. Div.  Amazingly, this is not the end of the story.  It turns out that this 10 page report was merely the summary report.  There are a further 183 pages of highly detailed text and charts that accompany summary report! (I had missed it during my initial research)   My plan is to translate the entire 183 pages and include it in the book.  This is a veritable gold mine of information on the fighting conditions as experienced by the 58. infantry division.  Our page count is at 539 pages, but I have nearly 10 pages that needed to be added to the Master Document yet.  I had the honor of receiving an email from the  http://memoriablau.foros.ws/ website this week.  The website is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers in the 250. Inf. Div.  Check it out!

(12/30/2012) Update on the Wolchow Kessel project.  Our page count now stands at 521.  Gudrun continues to translate the miscellaneous reports for the XXXVIII Korps.  Many of these reports deal with the reorganization of the infantry divisions ordered by OKH after the dreadful losses in men and material during the winter of 1941/1942 on the eastern front.  Here is a one of the reports recently translated by Gudrun: 


We have around 850 pages of the XXXVIII Korps reports left to translate.  Not all of these are full page reports.  I am guessing these 850 pages will probably breakdown to around 500 of actual text in the book. 

Matthew Denn is continuing work on War Journal of the 285. Sich. Division.  Matthew has completed his first page of this war Journal.  It encompasses the last day of April through May 5th. 

Armin Witfer continues working on the XXXVIII Korps Tagesmeldungs.  Armim is over half way done with these reports.

Gunter Singer is working on a report prepared by the 58. Inf. Division on that divisions experiences of fighting in the Russian Winter.  Should be interesting!

John Winner continues work on the maps for the project. 

After Matt finishes work on the 285. Sich Division War Journal, we will have all the records completed for two of the divisions for the XXXVIII Korps.  We will then still have to translate the reports for the 126. Inf. Division, 58. Inf. Division, and the 2. SS Mot Inf. Brigade.    I am estimating we may have around 750-1000 more pages of divisional reports left to translate.  That number could climb as I continue to discover more reports.

It is now looking like we could easily hit 1000+ pages of translated reports for the XXXVIII Korps, plus a 1000+ pages of translated divisional reports (divisions which served under the XXXVIII Korps during the battle).  It is conceivable we may have to break up Volume I into two seperate 1000+ page volumes.  Whether or not this becomes Volume Ia, and Volume Ib or Volume I, Volume II and then Volume III and Volume IV for the I. Armee Korps remains to be seen. 

At any rate, work continues on the project.  My hope is to finish with all of the XXXVIII Korps reports by the end of 2013 (at least in terms of the reports I have picked out to translate.  There are literally 1000's more pages which could be translated, but I have chosen what I think are the most important).  Then my plan is to finish all of the XXXVIII Korps divisional reports by the end of 2014 (at which point we would then be finished with all of the XXXVIII Korps reports).  Whether we then publish these first two Volumes at this point, or wait until we finish with the I. Armee Korps Volumes is hard to say.

(11/18/2012) Update on the Wolchow Kessel project.  We are currently at 472 pages.  Gudrun has finished with the entire War Journal of the XXXVIII Korps (May, June and the first week of July).  John Winner also translated many of the War Journal frames.  Now that we are finished with the War Journal, I am having Gudrun translate all of miscellaeous types of reports for the XXXVIII Korps. Many of these reports would have been used by the War Diariest in compiling the War Journal.  There are probably around 500-750 frames of info that she will be translating.  Not all of these are full frames, so we are probably looking at adding around 250-350 pages of translated material to the Master Document.  Once we have finished with all of the XXXVIII Korps reports, we will then focus on the divsional reports of the XXXVIII Korps.  This will probably be in the range of another 300-500 additional frames, which will add another 200-300 pages to the Master Document.  All in all, when we are finished with Volume I, it will probably run around 1000-1200 total pages.  Here is another sample page from the XXXVIII Korps War Journal:  

As one can tell from this page of the War Journal, the fighting in the Kessel is more or less over, and the XXXVIII Korps is now slowly redeploying some of its units.

 (10/7/2012) Update on the Wolchow Kessel project.  We are currently at 364 pages.  Armin Witfer has finished translating the War Journal of the 250. Inf Div. (Spanish) for the month of May, June and the first week of July.  Armin will be working next on the Tagesmeldungen for the XXXVIII Korps for May, June and the first week of July.  Gudrun continues to work on translating the War Journal for the XXXVIII Korps.  We are presently through June 6, 1942 with the XXXVIII Korps War Journal.  Here is a sample page of the XXXVIII Korps War Journal:

Translated by Gudrun Aderhold

We have Gunter translating the "fun" reports.  In fact, he just finished a fascinating 3 page interrogation report of General Vlaasov.  Very interesting information in that report.  Lots more cool reports in English coming soon from Gunter.  We also have John Winner continuing his work on the casualty and strength reports for the 126. Inf. Div.  After John is finished with the 126. Inf. Div., he will start working on all of the casualty and stength reports for the divisions which made up the I. Armee Korps on the northern portion of the Kessel.  Lots of work to do, but we have come a long ways.  My hope is to finish with all the reports for the XXXVIII A.K. and all of its divisions by this coming summer.  Then we will start to hammer away at the reports for the I. Armee Korps.  Keep in mind that all this information is being placed into a master document which in the end I plan on publishing as a monster two volume history of the Battle of the Wolchow Kessel in Primary German

(9/26/2012) Another update on the Volkhov Kessel project. We have passed 310 pages of translated reports.  Here is a sample of a 5 page report prepared by the 58. Inf. Div. dealing with the German experience of combatting Soviet tanks.  This is page 3 of a 5 page report.  


Translated by Gunter Singer.

(9/21/2012)  An update on the Volkhov Kessel project.  I have hired two additional translators to help out with the project.  The one translator will work mainly on the Korps KTB's, the Korpsbefehls and all the daily divisional reports.  My other new translator will work on miscellaneous divisional and Korps reports (for instance, right now he is translating a 5 page report prepared by the 58. Inf. Div. on their experiences combatting the Russian T-34 tanks.  Should be interesting!).  John Winner will continue to translate the divisional casualty reports, the divisional strength reports and the misc. divisional reports.  Right now, John has finished with all the 58. Infantry Division casualty reports, strength reports, and misc reports.  We should start this weekend on translating the reports from the 2. SS Inf. Brigade and the SS Legion Flandern.  Our plans after the 2. SS Inf. Brigade/SS Legion Flandern is as follows:

285. Sich. Div. (Casualty reports, strength reports and all misc divisional reports.  My primary translator will be working on the daily combat reports for the last week of May 1942 and most of June 1942 for this division)
250. Inf. Div. (Spanish) (My plan is to have John translate the casualtry reports, strength reports, and misc. divisional reports for the 250. Inf. Div.  I will probably skip most of the Daily combat reports due to the fact that this division was not technically fighting along the Volkhov Kessel, but was to the south of the 58. Inf. Div.)
126. Inf. Div.  This division was split for most of the battle.  Portions of this division were attached to the 58. Inf. Div., and the rest of the division remained as a Korps reserve.  My plans are to translate the casualty, strength and misc. reports, and probably the daily combat reports for this division.

After we finish with the 126. Inf. Div. we will move onto the divisions which made up the I. Armee Korps.

As of today, we have around 250 pages of translated material.

(8/27/2012)  An update on the Volkhov Kessel project.  Up to today, we have 183 pages.  That includes all of the XXXVIII Korps Korpsbefehls, KTB and the Volkhov Pocket Daily Lage Ost Maps.  We also have most of the 58. Inf. Div. information.  We still have to compile the 58. ID Casualty reports, Strength reports, misc reports and also the daily reports for late May through mid-June.   We still need to compile all of the information for the I. Armee Korps, and all of the other divisions involved in this large battle.  Needless to say, at 183 pages so far, it is looking like the entire project will run into the 1000's of pages.  We have also started a seperate map book for the divisions, as the maps were just too large to place into the full study.

(7/17/2012)  I have decided to discontinue placing the translated information for the Volkhov Kessel onto this website, as I am having issues with pages "disappearing", and the website server techinicians cannot find the answer to this problem.  So, in the meantime, I am taking all of this information and placing it in a large Microsoft Word document.  Once
we are finished with the document, it will probably run between 750-1000 pages.  At that point we will make a decision on what to do (i.e. whether to publish it in book form).  I still plan on adding some analysis of these battles compiled from the translated documents onto this website. 

(6/30/2012)  Over the past couple of weeks, we have added more casualty reports and strength reports for the 58. Inf. Div. (see the Volkhov Kessel page-then the 58. Inf. Div sub-page).  We have also added the Lage Ost maps for May, June, and the first week of July (these are a sub-page within the Volkov Kessel page). 

(6/13/2012)  Added a sub-page for the 58. Infantry Divisions maps on the Volkhov Kessel page.

(6/12/2012)  Added the last Kriegsgliederung for the XXXVIII A.K. (for the time period that I am researching) on the XXXVIII A.K. sub-page.  Also added 7 more pages from the KTB for the XXXVIII A.K.

(5/27/2012)  Changed the page titled "Destruction of the 2nd Shock Army" to "Volkhov Kessel".  Placed seperate pages within that page for the XXXVIII. Armee Korps and the I. Armee Korps and the divisions and units that made up those Korps during this battle.  Added a few more frames of the XXXVIII A.K. Korpsbefehls, and added one new frame to the "Logistics on the Eastern Front" page. 

(5/15/2012) New Primary material on the "Destruction of the 2nd Shock Army" page, and also on the "Logisics on the Eastern Front" page.  Keep checking back, as we are adding several translated primary documents each day.

(4/27/2012) I am in the process of finding examples of German infantry divisions launching successful offensives on the Eastern front.  Currently I have chosen these examples;

       A.  The German attack to destroy the 2nd Shock Army in the Volkhov Pocket.  This was an infantry only attack and was ultimately successful.  I have all of the NARA rolls coming for the German I and XXXVIII Korps for this battle.  I also plan on acquiring the rolls of film for the individual divisions that took part in this battle.
       B.  Unternehmen Trappenjagd: The German attack to retake the Kerch Peninsula.  This was a mainly conducted by infantry, with the assistance of the 22nd Panzer Division.  The attack was entirely successful.  I will be acquiring the rolls of microfilm for the Korps and divisions involved in this attack as well.
       C.  Unterhehmen Storfang: The German attack to capture Sevastopol in early spring 1942.  Infantry only attack against very strong defenses.  This attack was a success.  
       D.  Unternehmen Winkelried (27 Sept.-9 Oct. 1942).  Operation to widen the Demyansk corridor mounted by infantry divisions only, and was quickly successful.
       E.  The German Second Army's attack to destroy the Russian's Rogachev grouping on the Southern flank of AGC in the summer of 1941.  The attack was launched strictly by infantry divisions and was a huge success.

I am looking at researching the advances of the German 17th Army, 11th Army and 6th Army of Army Group South during the first few months of Barbarossa, as these Armies did tend to fight without the direct assistance of 1st Panzer Army.  If anyone else has any examples of successful attacks conducted by German infantry divisions on the Eastern Front, just drop me a line. 


(4/3/2012) In the near future, I will be adding some primary information on this website pertaining to German Logistics on the Eastern front.  I am in the process of acquiring all of the rolls of microfilm (DVDs) from the National Archives that deal with Quartermaster issuesI have nearly all of Quartermaster rolls for the Army Groups, and I am starting to collect the Quartermaster rolls for the Armies.  To date the number of pages that I currently have is running into the 10's of thousands.  My long term plan is to use this information in a book on German logistics on the Eastern Front.  In the short term, I plan on translating some of this information and posting it here on my website.  Keep checking back for newly posted information.