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Other WWII Sites

http://feldgrau.com/  (This website is chock full of information on the Germans in the Second World War, and has one of the best forums on the internet--dealing with the Germans in the Second World War)




http://stonebooks.com/index.shtml  (The place to go for information on newly released WWII books)

http://www.mastereuropa.com/     (Tom Johnson's excellent Master Europa website--these are the rules that I use to play Europa)

http://www.bookfinder.com/?src=google-bk    (If you need to find a book!)

http://www.rzm.com/main/main.cfm  (Excellent place to buy books, first rate selection)

http://www.jjfpub.mb.ca/  (These gentlemen in Canada produce some of the finest German WWII books-I highly recommend their books)

http://www.helion.co.uk/  (A British book publisher that has been publishing some first rate books on the Germans in WWII) 

http://www.barbarossabooks.com/ (A book seller from the state of Washington.  He has a huge number of world war II books. He sells many online, but not all of his collection is online.  You can visit his "store", but it is by appointment only.  I would highly recommend visiting him if you are in the Seattle area.  I left his store with around 26 books to add to my WWII collection!)

http://www.aberdeenbookstore.com/index.htm (A book seller from Colorado.  He has a huge collection of WWII books, so if you are looking for a book on WWII--especially dealing with Germany--then this is the place!!  He also takes more care with the books than anyone else I know.  Almost every single hardcover book--with a dust jacket--comes wrapped in a myler wrapping.  He also packages the books so well, that I think if you dropped the box off of a 40 foot cliff, the books inside would not be damaged at all!!  Check him out!)

http://www.fredleander.com/ (The website of Fred Leander, the author of the phenomal book "River Wide, Ocean Deep".   Well worth checking out his website, especially if you have not purchased his book.  I believe he also has another book he is working on, so you will want to check back often for updates!!)

http://chris-intel-corner.blogspot.com/ (Excellent website dealing with all of the German Cryptalanic efforts during WWII.  Recommened!)

http://www.scribd.com/JohnWinner  This is the website of my primary "battle" translator.  His website is stocked full of translated German material from the NARA archives (which is what our goal is on this website as well).  If you are researching for a book, or just researching the Germans in WWII, you will want to check it out.   One of his biggest, and most impressive projects is his tranlation (on-going) of the entire KTB West, Heeresgruppe A.  I have read through portions of this, and it is really interesting to see details of what went on, on the Western Front during the "Sitzkreig".  Interesting stuff.  Check it out!

http://wwii-photos-maps.com/index.html  A fascinating website full of primary information that one can download for personal use.  There are pages of aerial photos of Leningrad, Stalingrad, etc.  There are 100's and 100's of the German Lage's (whether they be Lage West or Ost etc. etc.).  This is where we downloaded our Lage Ost maps for the Volkhov area.  If you are a researcher, check it out, as he may very well have information that you are looking for.  Keep up the good work John!!