(Armed Forces Report)
Unternehmen Trappenjagd
Battle Analysis #2 Unternehmen Trappenjagd
Date Area or Operation Name Units Total Strength of Units Terrain Number of Artillery Pieces Armor Air Support Total Casualties
May 8 - May 19, 1942 Kerch Peninsula See Below ? Hilly ? Y Y 7588
German OOB:
Heeresgruppe Süd (South):

Armeeoberkommando (AOK) 11:

German OOB: Kriegsgliederung vom 11.5.1942:

*Units listed from north to south:

VII (7) Romanian Corps:

19. (Romanian) Infantry Division

8. (Romanian) Cavalry Division
Misc.Units: 10. (Romanian) Infantry Division added during the battle.

XXXXII (42) Armeekorps (AK):

46. Infanterie-Division

50. Infanterie-Division

Misc.Units: nil.

XXX (30) Armeekorps (AK):

132. Infanterie-Division

28. Leichte Infanterie-Division

170. Infanterie-Division

Misc.Units: Group "Ritter" - Küstenschutz (coastal protection).

AOK Reserves:

22. Panzer-Division (stationed behind XXX AK.)

"Groddeck" (Oberst Karl Albrecht von Groddeck) Infanterie-Brigade (mot.):

Order of Battle:

1.  Group "Korne" (Rumanian Colonel Radu Korne)

---- 3. (Romanian) Cavalry Regt. (mot.)

---- 22. Aufklärungs-Abteilung (mot.) (Motorized Recon. Bn.)

---- 560. Panzerjäger-Abteilung (Anti-Tank Bn.)

---- 6th Coy./ II Bn.. / 800. Brandenburg Regiment (mot.)

---- I Bn./ 391. Infanterie-Regiment

---- 154. Artillerie-Abteilung (mot.)

---- 6th Btty./ 818. schwere (heavy) Artillerie-Abteilung (mot.)

---- 1 Btty. from Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung (Assault-Gun Bn.) 197.

---- 1 Btty. from Nebelwefer-Regiment (Rocket launcher Regt.) 70 (mot.)

---- 1 lei.Btty. (light battery) from 64. Heeres-Fla (Flak)-Bataillon (mot.)

---- 1 schwere.Btty. (heavy battery) from 64. Heeres-Fla (Flak)-Bataillon (mot.)

---- 1 Coy. from  Pionier (Engineer)-Bataillon 173.

2. Group "Müller" (attached):

---- 401. Infanterie-Regiment (mot.)
---- I Bn./ 105. Infanterie-Regiment
---- 223. Panzer-Bataillon
---- Stab Artillerie-Regiment 54. (mot.)
---- II Btty./ Artillerie-Bataillon 54. (mot.)
---- II Btty./ Artillerie-Bataillon 57. (mot.)
---- III.Coy./ Pionier (Engineer)-Bataillon 132.

---- 14.Trp./ 105. Panzerjäger-Abteilung (Anti-Tank Bn.)

---- 1 Btty. from Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung (Assault-Gun Bn.) 190.

Source: National Archives microfilm: series T312/ roll #1692/ frame 77

The German OOB info was researched by John Mulholland.

The German total casualty figure comes from "Germany and the Second World War, Volume VI", page 932.        

Date Area or Operation Name Units Total Strength of Units Terrain Number of Artillery Pieces Armor Air Support Total Casualties
May 8 - May 19, 1942 Kerch Peninsula See Below 249,800 Hilly 736 (est.) 284

(See below)
Y      (See below) 176,566
(according to Krivosheev)
Soviet OOB:  
  44th Army:  
    Rifle Divisions: 157, 404
    Mtn. Rifle Division:  63, 236 
    Mtn. Rifle Regiment:  251, 105 
    Artillery:  547 Gun AR, 31, 339, 513 AAABn
    Tank:  79, 126 Tank Bn., 24 Tank Regt.
    Air: 25, 27, 135 FAD, 40 CAS, 152 RAS
    Engineers:  61 Ebn, 19 Sbn

  47th Army:
    Mtn. Rifle Division:  77 (-105 MtnRR), 138
    Artillery:  136 HowARhp, 335 AAAbn
    Tank:  56 Atr
    Engineer:  256 Ebn

  51st Army:
    Rifle Divisions:  224, 390, 396
    Mtn. Rifle Division:  302  
    Rifle Brigades:  12, 83 NRB
    Artillery:  25, 53, 456 AR, 457 Gun AR, 1/7 GMR, 180, 220 AAbn  
    Tank:  124 Tank Bn.
    Air:  71 MAD, 72 FAD, 2 AAR, 23 CAS, 151, 507 RAS
    Engineers:  75, 132 EBn, 6, 54 PBBn, 205, 275, 82 SBn, 138 EBn

According to Krivosheev, the Russians had 162,282 irrecoverable losses, and 14,284 sick and wounded.  The numbers of Russian tanks comes from "Army Group South" by Werner Haupt, page 114.  I think it is reasonable to assume that the number of tanks are about as accurate of a number as we are likely to find (with the possible exception of digging through the Russian archives).  These are evidently the number of tanks left on the battlefield after the Russians had either surrendered or evacuated from Kerch.  It is almost certain that few if any guns or tanks were evacuated.  The only question that remains to be asked, is what is the caliber range of the 1397 guns that the Germans captured?  Are they 76mm on up, and does that number also include mortors and AA guns?  Using the book Stumbling Collasus by David Glantz, I have estimated that at full strength, the Russians would have had around 736 Guns/Howitzers in their divisions.  I think it is safe to say that the 1397 guns that the Germans captured included all kinds of AA guns (the Russians had 5 AA Bn on the Kerch Pininsula).  It is also possible that the 1397 figure included guns below 76mm.   


Strength Ratio (Soviet to German)   Casualty Ratio  
 ?    23:1 (including POW's)
2.80:1 (not including POW's) (est.) 
Comments:  The 23:1 casualty ratio is a straight ratio including the large number of POW's lost by the Soviet's.  If one extrapolates the possible number of dead from the total Russian wounded and sick, it should come in at around 7,000 (estimated).  Adding that to the 14,284 comes up with 21,284.  Dividing that by the number of German losses brings up a 2.80:1 ratio (which for the Russians is not bad).  

The terrain certainly favored the defender, as it was hilly in large sections of the Kerch peninsula.